PAX Aus Day 2

After the sheer excitement of being at my first PAX for the first day, I fully expected my second to be a bit more subdued, ‘I’ve walked the show floor, I’ve looked at the games, what else is there?’ I thought.  How wrong I was.

The second day proved to be just as interesting and exciting as the first, things I had missed on the first day looking at the big picture of the exhibition hall started to shine through.  The Cos-players, some of the indie games I had overlooked on the first day to to the thronged crowds around them, suddenly shone through, revealing some ingenious uses of the gaming platform as an art-form. One game in particular, The American Dream, is a first person VR shooter where you live your life, growing up through 1950s america, performing all the typical mundane household chores that constitute the american suburban dream, only with guns for hands.  

The Highly successful Australian indie game, Mini Metro, had a booth to itself, right next to one of the main thoroughfares between the Digital and Analogue gaming areas in the hall.

The board game and free play hall was a delight in itself.  Even for someone who only casually plays board games I found it to be fascinating.  row after row over boxes with brightly coloured artwork emblazoned across the front of it.  I bought one card game in this area, Joking Hazard.  a comic-strip style alternative to Cards Against Humanity, made by the creators of the popular webcomic Cyanide and Happiness. We played this when we were back at the hotel, and it certainly had a different feel to CAH, with a lot more replay-ability.

IMG_20161125_100807.jpgAnother revelation was just the number of Dice in this area of the exhibition hall.  There were two stands devoted entirely to dice.  One, the premium Level Up Dice, who create custom dice out of semi-precious materials, as well as some stunning caged metal dice.  Q Workshop a Polish dice store, with diced themed on various expansions of Pathfinder, and with a myriad of other designs. (I got a set that use Japanese Characters instead of regular numbers)

The day culminated with watching a performance by the comedy musical group The Axis of Awesome. (in this instance the Duo of Awesome since Lee Naimo couldn’t be there.  The hilarious attempts by the remaining two members to hit notes that only he could reach, while holding their hands to their forehead, showing ‘loser’ every time it was meant to be his line.  We waited for a while for the second act, but got hungry and left for a litre of beer and half a pork shoulder at the German beer place on the pavilion.

Getting home quite late, I fit in one quick game of League of Legends in bed before resting up for day 3.


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