What to do when there’s nothing to do

“Time to lean, time to clean” A saying that was often passed around when I worked in hospitality. Often, between courses, there would be a lot of time waiting while guests ate. I learned very quickly in that job that there was no time doing nothing, there was always something you could be doing, and the best employees were the ones that saw what needed to be done, and did them without being asked.
In a recent shift in a store, we went for five hours without a customer. Not even someone browsing. What do you do when you have that length of time with no one to serve, when your job is to serve? You find things that need doing.

Building large, informative and inviting displays can also help drive business.

Cleaning is one of the most obvious ways to
keep yourself or your staff busy, a clean and tidy store invites visitors, and the bustle of activity goes a great deal to grabbing the attention of a passer by; ‘if they are that busy, there’s obviously something interesting going on there’.

Another productive way to try and boost sales as well as keeping everyone active is to push the current promotion to passers by. Handing out leaflets, engaging in conversation, getting people talking, even if it’s not related to your products, it at least gets your name out there. As a store with a lot of B2B potential, handing out flyers to local businesses and getting your name known is also a great way to pass the time and pick up future business.

However sometimes it can be impossible to tell if the next customer is 2 minutes or 5 hours away from approaching. Keeping a positive mindset and a happy, welcoming disposition is the best way to get through those times, ready to help anyone who could come up for an inquiry.


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