A Lesson on Customer Service

A post I wrote for Work recently.

Long-haul flights can be exhausting and stressful affairs at the best of times. But when you are sitting on a 7 hour flight with an arrival time projected after your connecting flights departure the stress certainly goes up.

Such was the case when I landed in Dubai after a 7 hour journey from Glasgow, Scotland. I was greeted off the plane with two new boarding passes and a flyer for a free meal. Instead of arriving into Sydney at 6am, I would instead be getting in closer to 10am, through a connecting flight in Brisbane.

Figh.jpgWhile I was in Dubai I stopped by a coffee shop for my free meal, where a gentleman wearing a Qantas badge was sat drinking a coffee while on his break. So I asked him, ‘is it possible to change my connecting flight so I could go somewhere other than Sydney’; which would help me get home sooner. It turned out the man was named Patrick and he was the Manager of Qantas Flights in Dubai. He wasn’t sure if it could be done, since it was an Emirates ticket, but he took a photo of my boarding pass and said he’d have a look into it when he got back to the office.

Arriving late into Brisbane, missing my connecting flight to Sydney in the process, I went to the sales desk and asked again if changing the ticket would be possible. They told me that it wasn’t, and it would cost $700 to buy a ticket on the next flight home. So, resigned to flying to Sydney, I handed over my boarding pass for it to be changed to the next Sydney flight. To my surprise, after scanning the barcode the sales rep turns to me and tells me that the ticket has already been changed to the location I wanted and that I would not have to go to Sydney at all… result!

I don’t have a lot of experience with Qantas, but this small gesture by Patrick, on his break, in Dubai, to help someone out on their long journey home has certainly left me with great good-will towards them, and a fantastic story of being in the right place at the right time. This is the level of Customer Service we aim for here at Inkspot.

We may not be able to save you time on your flights, but we can help you print out your flight itinerary before you go and your holiday photos when you get back. At Inkspot we aim for the best customer service we can give.


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